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Lifted PPG found the niche of helping pilots in the sport of paramotor become safer, more knowledgeable and (most importantly) cooler looking.

So, you've completed your training, which was possibly an experience of fire-hosed information, where the 'instructor' providing you free training with your prematurely bought gear, drop kicked you in the air a few times and then said "you're good to go cowboy"! It is understandable that you may feel like some more compassionate mentorship would suit you. This is where Lifted PPG finds its purpose. We are here to get you on a clearly defined path to confidence under your wing.

Or maybe you have just come across the sport and are looking for a mentor to steer you in the correct direction as far as training, purchasing equipment and so on. Either way, we are here to help and get you on track.

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I will keep you up to date with new video uploads, deals on relevant gear, and occasionally a newsletter with my thoughts on the sport of PPG!

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We have recently joined Patreon as a way to offer my services to more people, and support the most loyal members of the Lifted community. There is a number of tiers with a variety of benefit types to offer! All of the support here goes directly to channel production, where good quality instructional content is being put out on a weekly basis.

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About The Founder

Micah Stevens

Lifted PPG was founded on passion - passion for flight and the love of people. When I came across ‘Tucker Gott’ and ‘Aviator Show’ five years ago on YouTube in my junior year of college, it was an instant obsession. Learning to fly, and to teach others to do the same, in my mind, was inevitable. 

- Dreams to reality -

After a truly epic Summer internship with Aviator PPG in Lake Wales, FL where I learned to fly and earn 200 hours in the seat of a paramotor, I decided to return as an instructor as soon as possible. This happened right after graduation in 2019, and as I carefully observed other instructors - learning from their every move - I developed a keen sense of how people of every walk of life learn and progress towards becoming capable, skillful aviators. The following two years of full-time PPG instruction and flight school management included 230 pilots taking to the air under my guidance. During this time I discovered that it takes so much more than just the objective instructor commands of “turn left” or “throttle up” to get students on their way to a degree of confidence, skill and motivation after training. In order to go deeper and instill long lasting skills and love for the sport, empathy is needed - extreme empathy. The instructor’s ability to put himself in the shoes of the student, both physically and mentally, mends the gab between objective commands and a deeper understanding and love - “flight-sense” as I call it - which defines the more ethereal feel of being in the sky. This sense, as I see it, is sharpened in fundamentals, where repetition acts as the gateway to a more complete connection with your wing in the sky. This is where my aim lies, to help instill greater “flight-sense” in you, boosting your skills to an intermediate level and beyond!

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