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Educational Resources

Purchases made from these links will support the business

Powered Paragliding Bible - 7th Edition

"PPG Bible 7 is a clear, CONCISE, and professionally-illustrated guide for anyone wanting to become an ACCOMPLISHED paramotor pilot. It covers both footlaunch and wheels. While comprehensive, it breaks down information into digestible chunks to make success safer and more enjoyable."

Master Powered Paragliding DVD - Advanced Ground Handling

This is an excellent resource for pilots looking to really understand the fundamental principles before they touch a wing for the first time. Pilots fresh out of training can also benefit from this information as it will help tune their skills.

Advanced Launching

This DVD walks through everything you need to know in order to perfect your launching technique.

Inflight Precision

This DVD walks you through everything you need to know and be aware of flying in the sky!

Advanced Landing

Landing is one of the more challenging aspects of PPG to get right consistently. This DVD will help you perfect and repeat your landings.

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Gear I  Use/Recommend

Purchases made from these links will support the business


Oboz are my favorite boot all around, and they are great for paramotors in particular due to their featherweight, flexible and supportive design.


Having long pants that can take a beating, keep the wind out and offer zipper pockets can be a life saver. You'll wear these for life!

Flight Jacket

'Tis the season to bundle up for your flight, and beating the cold can be an important factor in your reaction time and focus. This jacket will keep the wind out and the heat in while remaining relatively low profile. The hood is removable preventing unwanted strangulation...

Heated Gloves

'Tis the season to bundle up for your flight, and beating the cold can be an important factor in your reaction time and focus. These heated gloves will *help* keep those hands from forcing you back to the ground. I highly recommend another layer either under or over these to keep the wind from pulling all of the heat out.


'Tis the season to bundle up for your flight, and beating the cold can be an important factor in keeping your reaction time and focus sharp. This balaclava covers your dome as well as face, shielding you from wind chill. It isn't too thick and the location of the seams make it comfortable under the helmet.

Hook Knife

If you are flying anywhere near water, a hook knife is a great item to get you out of a bad (underwater) situation. Easy to deploy and use.

Fuel Gauge Mirror

This small convex mirror that mounts to the lower section of your hoop provides excellent, easy visibility of your entire tank. No more pictures of your fuel level in your camera reel!

Kiting Helment

Having a dedicated kiting/paragliding helmet without ear cups is a really nifty item to have. This one is highly rated, affordable and comfortable. (I recommend a slightly loose fit to avoid a headache over time).

Chest Harness

Having your own chest harness is a luxury that is definitely underrated. This is hugely beneficial for initial training with a radio but beyond that can be a great place to keep your phone for easy access and useful for continued education such as an SIV.

Kiting Harness

A mandatory item if you are just getting into the sport, that you will use for the rest of your life. Kiting is a vital skill that keeps you current and fight ready, have a harness separate from your motor that is specifically for this!

Wing Bag

This is a large wing bag which makes packing up a lot easier. It is also better for your glider to be stowed loosely preventing creases and mildew when being stowed for long periods of time.

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